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General Private Property Performance in 2020

Following the Circuit Breaker, private home prices rebounded to end-2019 level.  The fourth quarter of 2020 rosed 157 points, the highest increase since 2018 second quarter.

The ability of the private residential index to increase by 2.2 per cent gain in 2020 inspite of a global pandemic is certainly not expected especially with the economy contracting by 5.8 per cent.  In comparison, the index grew by 2.7 per cent in 2019.

Some reasons for this turnaround analysed by property experts include:

  1. Singaporeans and possible foreign buyers were looking for property investment purpose
  2. Upgraders from HDB, especially from those who reached their minimal occupation period and supported upgrading to private properties
  3. First time HDB buyers choosing resale unit instead of waiting for the completion of Build-To-Order flats which take longer time for construction
  4. Many buyers are also looking at bigger homes to accommodate having to work from home
  5. Budgetary measures and cooling measures indirectly prevented the crashing of private residential market
  6. Buyers from some sectors, such as medical equipment, pharmaceutical and ecommerce, are flourishing and chose to put their funds into property

Private Property Outlook for 2021

With a brighter economic outlook, easing of restrictions for travel, more unsold private residential units sold and a low interest rate market environment, the outlook for private residential prices is forecasted to appreciate slightly higher than 2020.

Buyers need to be cautious because the other side of the coin presented a possible difficult situation due to:

  1. Lower employment
  2. Potential resurgence of Covid-19
  3. Possible more cooling measures due to competitive bids for land

What To Expect for 2021 Real Estate Market of Singapore

Assuming that there is no adverse situation and phase 3 of the Circuit Breaker going smoothly, analyst are expecting:

  1. Since the higher income sector cannot travel and spend on a lot of services, many will plough their savings into the property market
  2. Sales momentum and price resilience since third quarter 2019 will continue to push up make confidence and consumer confidence
  3. Upgraders from large-sized condo will look into landed properties
  4. Ample liquidity and low interest rate will probably push up prices upwards to the tune of 3 to 5 percent, as showed by property experts
  5. Higher construction costs because of COVID-19 measures and management
  6. Possibly en-bloc sales will commerce

Landed Property Outlook for 2021

The number of transactions for landed properties rose to 1,850 in 2020 vs 1,528 in 2019.  Interestingly, the transaction value for resale landed in 2020 was $7.5 billion vs $5.6 billion in 2019. The volume in 2020 was 1,794 vs 1,407 in 2019.  This showed a good demand for landed properties.

Experts showed the increase in demand was because of investors looking to preserve their wealth and hedge against inflation.  Singapore, as a safe haven for investment and long-term positive outlook, are some push factors for investors to park their funds in the country.

Some sellers are from old money and they reckoned that they do not need the money or their house or no time to re-build nor interest to do so.  Sometimes, the children showed that they do not need the landed house.

The cluster housing or strata landed is a small niche market with an exclusive pool of buyers.  There are lesser pure cluster development launches in recent years.  With the demand showed by landed properties and with COVID-19 restrictions, the comfort and luxury of living in strata landed, whether or not in a condo, may draw more demand.

In a recent condo new launch at Clementi, the strata landed houses were snapped out quickly, with 14 out of 18 units sold off.  

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